Hi Beauties,

My name is Dieu and I love cosmetics & skincare products from South Korea.

I ordered a couple of products a few times in the past from a Korean web shop and got hooked on all their products (especially the sheet masks). I looked for similar products here in The Netherlands, but sadly all the well-known brands weren’t that easy to get over here. Because of this reason I decided to also introduce you all to the best products Korea has to offer.

You’ll  be able to find nice products from all kinds of brands in the web shop.

These brands are especially popular in South-Korea. The products have the best effects on a diverse set of skin types. For example the Aloe Mask, that one is suitable for all skin types, but works especially well for dry, dull and easily-irritated skin. A mask with lemon as ingredient treats dark spots and uneven tones to makes these more smooth. It’s also suitable for treating greasy skin and contains a lot of Vitamin C, which gives your skin a direct boost.

The result ? A beautiful glowy skin.


Let's K-Beauty Together!

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