{Review Petitfee Hydrogel Mask}

Here I have the review about the @petitfee_korea Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Face Mask that was kindly given to me by the sweetest Dieu from @mesoyou! •

⩓¨What does it do?
"This mask is infused with Ruby Powder and Damask Rose nourishes the skin with vitamines, hydrates and clarifies the skintone. The skin appears softer, smoother, clearer and even toned. It helps to maintain clear, healthy and youthful complexion."

⩓¨When and how to use?
Apply the sheetmask on cleansed and toned skin. Leave it on for 15/20 minutes. After removing the sheetmask, pat the remaining essence into the skin.

⩓¨Texture of the product.
The hydrogel is light pink! The mask seemed to have more moisture than the other hydrogel mask I tried from this brand! The scent is light, faint and floral. •

⩓¨The performance.
The fit is really good! The adherence is great with the top piece but the bottom piece not so much. It feels cooling on the skin. I removed it after 40 minutes of wear time and there wasn't much essence left behind at all. My skin did feel very soft, smooth and my skintone was definitely more even so that's great! I do however wish it would have been more hydrating and moisturizing as I feel like it didnt hydrate my skin propely. I even decided to mix a face oil in with my moisturizer which I never do when I'm masking. •

⩓¨My conclusion.
I loved how soft and smooth it made my skin feel! Not only that, but it also had evened out my skintone. I do think this would have been perfect for me if it had been more hydrating and moisturizing but it's winter so I think this would be great for the summer time! •

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a skin expert! I try skincare products out and I review them accordance to my skintype, which is dry and prone to acne. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.



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