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Leuke producten om jezelf mee te verwennen...
Voor een vrijgezellenfeestje wilde ik een...
the SAEM

             from KOREA

A land with 5000 years of history and amazing natural environment, the SAEM discovered the secret of wild ginseng which reinforces skin roots. 

from New Zealand

The SAEM studied the Maori tribe's ancient wisdom and customs to discover the Harakeke plant which provides hydration and healthy skin. 

from Iceland

The Saem discovered the secret of hydrating our skin from ice caps from the mountains that are compressed with minerals originating from pure clean water. 

from Tahiti

Beautiful vacation destination, also known as Island of Venus. It is where 95% of all the world's black pearls originate from and we discovered the value of black pearls in brightening skin.

from Hawaii

We discovered the secrets of skin elasticity, hydration, and shine from North Pacific region.

from France

Discovered secrets of providing abundant nutrients such as wine, lemon, and olive from this region.

from Morocco

Our hair products are derived with ingredients from Oasis and the Argan tree which can be found only in Morocco, Africa.

"Everywhere on earth to Everywhere in the world"
The beautiful heritage provided to us by nature from various parts of Earth, is provided back to various parts ofthe world. With Korea's advanced technology, we will be sharing the global eco mind with better products for better experience.

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